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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Apr 6, 2013 1:55am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Questions for Video-Cellar (and maybe others): Requests for help with finding info on 3 early Australian TV series

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of old Australian shows not listed on IMDb and which don't have Wikipedia pages. I'd like to create pages on them, but my ability to find the required infomation is very poor (I realise there's scans of old newspapers, but I suck at looking through those. I'm a terrible researcher).

Here's what I know about three such series. There others, though. If my request-for-info posts must be stopped, please tell me and I'll stop.

Any help in filling-in-the-blanks of missing/unsure info would be much appreciated:

Show 1:

Title: Mary O'Hara
Year: 1960-196?
Genre: Music/Variety
Stars: Mary O'Hara
Country: Australia
Format: Irish singer and harpist Mary O'Hara performed by singing and playing the harp
Broadcaster: ATN-7 (was it local, or did other stations air it?)
Runtime: 15 minutes?
Director: Terrence Hughes
Note: 12 of the episodes are held by NFSA (so, they hold 12 episodes of this but only 1 episode of 1959's "Emergency". Huh?)

Show 2:

Title: The Annette Klooger Show
Year: ???? (one site mentions 1959-1961, but that particular site, TVrage, is very unreliable and full of obvious mistakes. I would like to note that one of the existing episodes aired 11 September 1961)
Genre: Variety
Stars: Annette Klooger
Country: Australia
Format: Variety series with music?
Broadcaster: ABC
Runtime: 30 minutes
Producer: James Allan

Show 3:

Title: Take That
Year: 1957-195?
Genre: Comedy/sitcom
Stars: ?
Country: Australia
Format: Sitcom set in a classroom? (that's what I read in the same lousy book which badmouthed Bob Crosby's wonderful series)
Broadcaster: ? (one source says GTV-9, another says HSV-7)
Runtime: ? (one source says 15 minutes, another source suggests 30 minutes)
Note: Produced by the Crawford Productions.

Obviously, I know that all 3 series aired in black-and-white and had mono sound.

Also, and this has nothing to do with Australian TV, but does anyone know the copyright status of the U.S. sitcom "The George Burns Show", which aired in the late-1950s? I think it lasted a season. In particular the episode titled "La Vie en Rose", which aired 23 December 1958. I asked on the classic TV section but got no reply.

(note: I did not bump this on purpose, but I came across some additional info that had to be added)

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Poster: oldbones Date: Apr 6, 2013 4:15pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Questions for Video-Cellar (and maybe others): Requests for help with finding info on 3 early Australian TV series

Emperor;Can't help you with the Australian stuff, but did do some poking around regarding the George Burns Show. Directly below are registrations for several of the shows episodes with the USCO. Only really concerned with show 9, La Vie en Rose. You can see the date of registration is the same as when you say it aired. But if you go here
you will note that episode 9 is "A Wife for Christmas" and it aired 12/16. Episode 10 is listed as "George Invests in a Record Company" with an air date of 12/30. There is no episode in the list titled "La Vie en Rose". You will also notice that there was no show aired on 12/23. There may be other episode lists out there, I don't have the time to pursue it. In addition I could find no renewal for "La Vie en Rose". My guess is PD. You might look around to see if it appears on any dvd offers and by whom.

GEORGE BURNS SHOW. Banda Productions.
29 min. each, sd., b&w, 16 mm.
© Banda Productions.
1. George and the private eye.
© 210ct58; LPI275O.
2. Jack Benny comes over.
© 280ct58; LPI2751.
3. The French revue. © IIN0V58;
4. A walk-on for George.
© 18Nov58; LPI2832.
5. The eighteen year old novelist.
© 25N0V58; LPI2831.
6. Tony Martin visits. © 2Dec58;
8. George's eviction. © 9Dec58;
9. La vie en rose. © 23Dec58;
11. George signs Carol Channlng.
© 6jan59 (In notice: I958);
12. The landlord's daughter.
© 10Mar59; MP9474.
16. George on Jxike box Jury.
© 20Jan59 (in notice: 1958);
17. Ronnie takes an apartment.
© 24Feb59; MP9't76.
18, Jimmie Rodgers moves in with
Ronnie, © 3Mar59; MP9475.

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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Apr 7, 2013 4:22am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Questions for Video-Cellar (and maybe others): Requests for help with finding info on 3 early Australian TV series

Thank you for the help!

I did a Wikipedia page for "Mary O'Hara" based on what I know, but since my sources were limited it is possible there are major mistakes on the page:

I am worred that the entire page is a screw-up.

EDIT: Just made a page for "Take That" based on what little I know:

I assume this page is a screw-up as well.

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